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Standard Home Inspection  (Sample Report)

A standard home inspection covers a variety of systems and components. The typical coverage includes the foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, attic, garage, permanently installed appliances, landscape and fence barrier. 


In addition, we deploy a foundation level tool at our inspections to better understand and render the most valuable opinion. 

Optional Inspection Services

* indicates trusted third party service


Pools/Spas are a magnificent addition to homes however still subject to wear and tear from use and the elements.

Irrigation Systems

We run each zone independently to ensure operation and check the spray heads for any defects.

WDI (Termite) Inspection*

We live in Houston where it gets humid and hot which is ideal for any Wood Destroying Insects. A WDI inspection is always a safe bet!

Mold Testing/Assessment*

Organic growth is very common however there are different types of growth and getting these areas tested is recommended when applicable. 

Foundation Level Reporting

Foundation level reports plot the variances in elevation around the structure to help paint a better picture. 

Infrared Capabilities

IR sensors help inspectors see what cannot be seen with the naked eye. Infrared helps point out temperature changes which could be signs of energy loss or trapped moisture areas. 

Education Center

Some quick articles and videos to further enhance your knowledge of the home inspection industry and how to improve your living space.


What Really Matters in a Home Inspection (2:10)


3 Costly Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid


Texas Standard of Practice (Inspectors Bible)


Home Air Leakage Points (Energy Loss)


Tips to Seal a Home (Energy Conservation) 

What is included with our inspections services?

Detailed and expedited reporting

We aim to make our reports easy to read and provide photos along with them to better understand the problem. We give as much information at possible, both structural and cosmetic. No filters. The more detail, the more bargaining power. Generally, we aim to have your report ready for your review that same evening.

An inspector who is not afraid to get his hands dirty

I have personally been on ride-alongs where inspectors avoid areas because of dirt or dust. Most of the hidden deficiencies are in corners and small areas where people avoid. Of course, safety and respect to the home comes first. 

1 on 1 Consultation (if requested)

We do not just provide a deliverable and move on, on the contrary, we are able to provide a consultation to explain our findings to ensure you understand the condition of the home. This can be done in person, on the phone and now offering Zoom walkthroughs after completion of an inspection

A reliable and punctual inspector

Coming from a military background, punctuality has been drilled in every soldier and sets the stage as to what kind of inspector you are dealing with. It also displays a person's respect for people and time.


Only 1 voucher can be applied and redeemed per person

Veteran Discount

A 10% discount is applied a standard home inspection for honorably discharged veterans*

*With proof through DD-214, military ID or veteran designation on civilian ID

Senior Citizen Discount

KRI offers a 10% discount off a standard home inspection to senior citizens*

*Must be 60 yrs or older with proper identification


Consider these Inspector badges of honor.

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